Midwest School Social Work Council

The Midwest School Social Work Council is an eleven member coalition of midwestern School Social Work state associations, including: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Participants include state presidents, practitioners, and consultants.  The Council convenes in the fall and spring to:

1- Actively support member state organizations;

2- Create and sustain a system of communication between member states and national school social work organizations;


3- Support the professional development of school social workers.

For more information on Midwest Council and details on the upcoming Midwest Conference, please visit:


2024 Midwest School Social Work Council Officers

President: Michele Whaley (Term - Spring 2022 - Fall 2023, Spring 2024-Fall 2025) Indiana

Vice President: Lori Lazzari (Term - Spring 2023-Fall 2024) Kentucky

Secretary: Sherry Murphy (Term - Spring 2023-Fall 2024) Minnesota

Treasurer: Andrea Phillips (Term- Spring 2024-Fall 2025) Nebraska

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